Stephan Roman studied History at the University of Oxford and trained in library and information science at the University of Sheffield. He has held senior positions in the British Council working in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He became a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George in 2012 and was awarded the Romanian Order of Merit for Services to Culture in 2004.
Isle and Empires (2022 Paperback Edition)

Isle and Empires (2022 Paperback Edition)


The tumultuous story of the Romanovs and their enigmatic relationship with Britain is brought to life in Stephan Roman’s Isle and Empires. This new book explores the misunderstandings, suspicions and alliances that created an uneasy partnership between two of the world’s most powerful Empires.

In this updated edition, the author asserts that ‘It is important that we understand the history of the British relationship with Romanov Russia if we are to make sense of what is happening today.’

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