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Grace Pundyk

Grace Pundyk is an author, a performer and a current PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Ideas. Her PhD research, titled Invisible Words: the semaphore of skin, utilizes skin and other beastly signifiers to articulate ideas around inherited memory and silenced trauma. It is from this research that Grace began making parchment. Largely self-taught, in 2014 she was able to improve her skills by undertaking a mentorship with Pergamena, professional parchment makers in New York. She continues to find her ‘skin’ practice both endlessly fascinating and challenging. Grace has written numerous books, including The Honey Trail (St Martin’s Press, NY) and Sons of Sindbad: the photographs (Arabian Publishing, London), and performed in and spoken at various festivals such as the Melbourne Festival, White Night Melbourne and the Sydney Writers Festival. She is also currently working on her first play, Steppe: a journey of unforgetting, which will premiere at this year’s Melbourne Fringe.