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Mark Mowforth

As a child, Mark Mowforth spent many hours puzzling over his carefully made copies of Disney characters: Why did the original Donald Duck seem confident and rather pleased with himself while Mark’s own version just looked baffled? A lifelong fascination with what lies in a few strokes of the cartoonist’s pen was born.

Mark subsequently took a rather scenic route to becoming a professional cartoonist; a route that passed through a Mechanical Engineering degree, a spell in advertising sales, a stint developing a tea-making machine, an episode as a graphic designer and a number of years as a Church of England vicar.

Mark has two grown-up children who seem content with not having a grown-up father, and a grandson who promises to provide much future inspiration. During his vicaring days, Mark met and married the wonderful Jill – just the kind of spiritedly supportive partner someone needs if their unconventional goal in life is to fill the world with the adventures of a comedy panda, duck, mole, snake and yak.