A Plan to Hatch

The Southern coast of Cornwall is a very special place, with magic in the seaweed and a smile on every face.
Each pebble is a wish, and covered cleverly by the tide, there are caves in secret places, where the smugglers used to hide.

Meet Megan the singing Cornish Sea Piskie who lives at Polpeor Cove, right at the very tip of The Lizard Point as she and her friends hatch a plan to protect three rare chough eggs from some meanies.

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The rare Cornish Chough has returned to the lush fields, the craggy cliffs and the vivid vistas of Cornwall.

As the rest of Cornwall celebrates, two awful villains don’t care about the wonder of their return.

These two horrible men want to steal the eggs from their nest and sell them for their own profit. Rotters!

Luckily Megan hatches a cunning plan to save the day with a whole host of colourful characters  – elegant fox, fierce badger, squawky seagull and a battalion of rabbits!

Beautifully illustrated throughout, A Plan to Hatch is an enchanting story that celebrates the nature and magic of Cornwall.

Dimensions 210 × 210 cm





Deb Simmonds,

Jenna Sawle


Medina Publishing


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