Shari’ah, Democracy and the Kuwaiti Constitution

The compelling study explores the relationship between the moral purposes of Islamic Shari’ah and the organisation of the ideal Muslim Society.

Ebraheem Duaij Al-Ebraheem Al-Sabah looks in detail at the origins of Shari’ah law and its similarities with Western legal thinking.


Bedouin Weaving of Saudi Arabia and its Neighbours

Joy Hilden describes the weaving techniques of the Bedouin in the context of their transitional mode of life, as they adapt from their centuries-old nomadic existence to being both semi- and fully settled.


Don’t Start from Here

MANY OF US FEEL ANGRY about banks and bankers. But why publish a book when there are so many learned papers on bank reform freely available on the web?

Answer: To combat white noise and cut to the chase.

In hardback


Dubai High – A Culture Trip

In early 2007, writer and theatre director Michael Schindhelm was appointed by the Dubai authorities as consultant on a projected opera house, and in early 2008 found himself with a broader remit as director of the newly founded Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. His diary of 2008 is a partly fictionalized account of his first twelve months of both working and living in Dubai. In hardback and eBook (kindle)


Encountering Islam

Long before European empires came to dominate the Middle East, Britain was brought face to face with Islam through the activities of the Barbary corsairs. For three centuries after 1500, Muslim ships based in North African ports terrorized European shipping, capturing thousands of vessels and enslaving hundreds of thousands of Christians.

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Half Past Ten in the Afternoon

Much of this book is a record of the time the author spent between 1965 and 1970 as an English teacher in Aneiza – a provincial town in central Saudi Arabia. In an entertaining series of anecdotes, he describes the daily life and customs of its people, his relations with colleagues and students at the local secondary school, and the events leading up to his ‘removal’ from the town he had come to regard as home, his transfer to Riyadh, and final departure from the country.

In hardback and eBook (kindle)


Ihlal al-salam fi Hadhramaut

by ‘Abd al-‘Aziz bin ‘Ali bin Salah Al-Qu‘aiti

This book, in Arabic, describes a crucial episode in Yemeni history, during which tribal feuding was brought to an end.

The book includes 40 photographs and 170 historic documents, reproduced here for the first time. Arabic text.

In hardback


Kuwait and the Sea

Though inhabited for millennia, Kuwait began to emerge as an Arab shaikhdom relatively late. Entering the historical record during the early 18th century as a junction of caravan and sea routes, it quickly grew to be a commercial rival to Basra at the head of the Gulf.

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Living to Some Purpose

Living to Some Purpose is the autobiography of Dr Adnan Pachachi, one of the most distinguished politicians of the last century. Here he describes his career from its beginning in Iraq as Ambassador to the United Nations, to his time as a member of the Iraqi Parliament from 2006-2010.

In hardback


Oui Les Arabes Peuvent Aussi

Yes, the Arabs Can Too (French edition)

Much has been written about the role and presence of the Arabs in the world at the beginning of this millennium, and their ability to meet the challenges overwhelming our planet, bristling as it is with science, technology and the latest lethal weapons. Now this new book by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber penetrates to the heart of the Arab situation by a new route, hitherto uncharted.

Foreword by Professor Michael Worton.