People of Ras Al Khaimah

This beautiful book presents a fascinating record of Ras Al Khaimah and its people in their own words and accompanied by stunning photographs. Click here to buy in the United Arab Emirates.


SeaBEAN: The Trilogy

This fast-paced time travel trilogy is republished in one volume for the first time, featuring all three books: SeaBEAN, SeaWAR and SeaRISE, and includes a chilling epilogue that casts new light on Alice’s increasingly desperate attempts to set the world to rights.  


Discovering the United Arab Emirates

Lavishly illustrated with photographs of people and places not on the tourist trail, Discovering the United Arab Emirates offers audiences a wealth of information in an easy, accessible manner. It is also an invaluable resource to schools and teachers, and prompts the reader to investigate and explore further. In paperback.

Click here to buy in the United Arab Emirates. 


Humpy Grumpy’s Mission Improbable

The wild adventures of the popular Humpy Grumpy camel continue in Humpy Grumpy’s Mission Improbable! Humpy loves the movies and dreams of being an action star – driving fast cars, scaling tall buildings and catching criminals. One day all his wishes come true as he is thrown straight into the action for real – the tallest building in the world is surely no match for the coolest camel in Dubai. Will Humpy’s improbable rescue mission succeed? In paperback.  Click here to buy in the United Arab Emirates.


Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes

His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh: irascible, controversial, outspoken, forthright and funny; the Gaffer, the Prince of Political Incorrectness, the Duke of Hazard, Phil the Greek. Whatever you call him – and he doesn’t give a damn – you’ve got to love him! Now in his nineties, he goes on – undaunted, unrepentant and, if less active, just as amusing. As of Autumn 2017 the Duke will finally relinquish his public duties but his legendary humour lives on.

In paperback and eBook (kindle)


The Last Great Event

The 1970 Festival was a record-breaking event. It spanned five days and nights with an audience widely reported to have reached 600,000. For the first time, Ray Foulk delves into contemporary reports, revealing the arguments that raged at both local and national level. His inside story concludes with the parliamentary battle to stop the Island event and the attempt to ban all open air festivals nationwide.

“If you were one of the half a million music fans who made their way like raggle-taggle gypsies to the Isle of Wight 1970 then you will absolutely love this backstage look at a great moment in rock history.”

Ray Connolly,  Daily Mail

In hardback.


The Pearl Diver

This delightful story, carefully researched from oral and written sources – some dating from more than 150 years ago – offers an insight into the way of life that sustained the Arabian Gulf right up until the discovery of oil. The winning charm of Patricia Al Fakhri’s watercolours combine with Julia Johnson’s narrative to make The Pearl Diver a perennial favourite with children aged 8 to 12. In hardback. 

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Download Pearl Diver Teaching Pack.


Deeper than Indigo

This intriguing odyssey, set on the edges of time, encompasses biography, memoir, detective story, travelogue and history to tell a remarkable tale of East-West connections and a mysterious love. The author’s quest begins when the word ‘indigo’ draws her to the illustrated journals, now in the British Library, of Victorian explorer Thomas Machell. She finds her life to have striking echoes of his, not least travels to and within India, a career in indigo, and a passion for journal writing. She is also intrigued by his aspiration to write ‘a novel in the form of an autobiography’ and by his quirky watercolour sketches.

One of the most remarkable books I have ever read… a deeply moving, totally enchanting account of a great metaphysical mystery.  

A N Wilson In hardback, paperback and eBook (kindle)


Don’t Toss Granny in the Begonias

Continuing the popular series of proverbs from around the world, each paired with an English equivalent, Don’t Toss Granny in the Begonias sheds amusing and often intriguing light on the perhaps justly notorious rivalry between the French and the English.

In hardback and paperback