Out of the Desert: The Influence of the Arab Horse on the Light Horse and Native Pony Breeds of Britain

Here is the long-awaited work by Peter Upton, one of Britain’s leading equine painters and authors. This book on the profound influence of the Arabian horse on the native horses and ponies of Britain is certain to raise interest, if not eyebrows, among horse-lovers around the world…

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Royal Heritage: The Story of Jordan’s Arab Horses

Co-authored by HRH Princess Alia, the eldest daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan, and the artist and author Peter Upton, Royal Heritage tells the story of the Arab horse in Jordan, from the early days of the Bedouin tribes to the 21st century, a story closely associated with the Hashemite family of Jordan, direct descendants of the Prophet…

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Aintree: The History of the Racecourse

There have been many accounts of the Grand National, but this book, Aintree: The History of the Racecourse, breaks entirely new ground. It tells the story of the iconic racecourse from its early days as a flat racing venue, through William Lynn’s inspired inauguration of the first Liverpool Grand Steeple-Chase in 1836, the redesign of fences in the 1880s, and subsequently the impact of wartime occupations, followed by dramatic postwar decline to the more recent and welcome renaissance as a three-day festival of jumping.

“The racing book of the year” John Randall, Racing Post

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From Epsom to Tralee

From 1955 to the present, Roy Gill has visited every racecourse in the UK and Ireland at least once. Along with brief histories, the highs and lows of Flat and National Hunt racing are revealed by an acknowledged expert and Turf Accountant. This book is beautifully illustrated with photographs (many of them previously unseen and unpublished) and fascinating racing memorabilia.

“In telling the story of our racecourses, Roy Gill perfectly highlights the agony and the ecstasy of the world of racing.” Bob Champion MBE

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Sharifa: The Story of an Arabian horse

This delightful children’s tale tells of a man’s love for his horse, the jealousy of his servant and the theft by bandits of his precious Arabian.

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Asil: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse

With Asil: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse, Tariq Dajani presents a series of beautifully observed and mastered photographs. These poetic portraits contain an elusive quality that draws the eye in, as he attempts to penetrate further into the nature and personalities of his subjects…

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Arab Falconry (Arabic)

Delve into the mystique of the tradition of falconry in the Middle East. Since pre-Islamic times, Arabia has had a proud history of flying hawks, including sakers, lanners and peregrines. From Morocco to Pakistan, falconers, princes and sheikhs come together at hunting camps to share their experiences and techniques for trapping hawks and flying them at quarry…

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