Prince Philip: A Lifetime of Wit and Wisdom

This book includes an unrivalled selection of the Prince’s golden gaffes and wise words from his first public appearances as a Royal nearly 70 years ago up until his retirement this August. Including the rude, the controversial, the insightful and the downright hilarious, Prince Philip: A Lifetime of Wit and Wisdom is not to be missed. No.1 AMAZON BESTSELLER In paperback


Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes

His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh: irascible, controversial, outspoken, forthright and funny; the Gaffer, the Prince of Political Incorrectness, the Duke of Hazard, Phil the Greek. Whatever you call him – and he doesn’t give a damn – you’ve got to love him! Now in his nineties, he goes on – undaunted, unrepentant and, if less active, just as amusing. As of Autumn 2017 the Duke finally relinquished his public duties but his legendary humour lives on.

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The Little Book of Dog Quotes

No self-respecting dog owner should be without a copy of this book of quotations about man’s best friend. Compiled by dog lover Aubrey Malone, The Little Book of Dog Quotes brings together hundreds of quips and quotes about canines. In paperback.

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Welcome to Yellowberry Hill

Welcome to Yellowberry Hill, a bizarre and wonderful world of anthropomorphic animals just trying to deal with the challenges of daily adult life.

With characters varying from a cat that owns a pet dog, to a quite small panda with attention deficiency and an unhealthy appetite for junk food, we are presented with hilarious wit and puns that will make you roll your eyes in amusement. In paperback

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Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

Japanese Proverbs and their English equivalents. This latest title in the hugely popular series of proverbs from around the world focuses on the richness of Japanese culture and language and highlights the uncanny similarity of inherited wisdom between the East and West.

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White House: Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks

From Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s rousing wartime oratory to George W Bush’s crazy comments, from Theodore Roosevelt’s bullish campaign speeches to Bill Clinton’s sanguine sayings, it’s all here in White House Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks – the Greatest Presidential Quotes.

As Commanders-in-Chief, Presidents are in charge of the most powerful armed forces ever known, yet humour is often their best weapon.

Harry S. Truman:
“You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.”

In paperback.

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