Alphabet Souq

The follow-up to A is for Arabia, this is a perfect gift for any child between the ages of four and eight, or for younger children learning the alphabet for the first time.

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Captain Shakespear: Desert exploration, Arabian intrigue and the rise of Ibn Sa‘ud

Captain William Shakespear was one of the first British officers to explore the Nejdi desert of the Arabian Peninsula. He provided London with valuable intelligence and cultivated a personal relationship with the Emir of Riyadh Ibn Sa’ud, laying the foundations for diplomatic relations with the emir, and later the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Lizard and Toad

Lizard and Toad are friends. They live in a wadi in the mountains of Arabia.

Toad’s curiosity often leads him into trouble, but clever Lizard always has a bright idea to help his friend out of a sticky situation.

Follow Lizard and Toad in four exciting adventures – There’s No Place Like Home, Toad’s Painting, Toad Takes a Ride and The Discovery.

Includes a colouring spread and an introduction to the creatures who live in a UAE Wadi.

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People of Ras Al Khaimah

This beautiful book presents a fascinating record of Ras Al Khaimah and its people in their own words and accompanied by stunning photographs.

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Shari’ah, Democracy and the Kuwaiti Constitution

The compelling study explores the relationship between the moral purposes of Islamic Shari’ah and the organisation of the ideal Muslim Society.

Ebraheem Duaij Al-Ebraheem Al-Sabah looks in detail at the origins of Shari’ah law and its similarities with Western legal thinking.


The Pearl Diver Audiobook read by author Julia Johnson

This delightful story, carefully researched from oral and written sources – some dating from more than 150 years ago – offers an insight into the way of life that sustained the Arabian Gulf right up until the discovery of oil.

The winning charm of Patricia Al Fakhri’s watercolours combine with Julia Johnson’s narrative to make The Pearl Diver a perennial favourite with children aged 8 to 12.

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Download The Pearl Diver Teaching Pack.

Bedouin Weaving of Saudi Arabia and its Neighbours

Joy Hilden describes the weaving techniques of the Bedouin in the context of their transitional mode of life, as they adapt from their centuries-old nomadic existence to being both semi- and fully settled.


Birds in Oman

This colourful little book for mothers and toddlers introduces young readers to the many different varieties of birds that inhabit Oman. In English and Arabic.

In paperback


Birdwatching Guide to Oman

A second book by experts Hanne and Jens Eriksen, this time also with Dave E. Sargeant, brings us the definitive guide to bird watching in Oman and includes stunning photography and location charts to track the birds.

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Blue Jackal and other tales from Islamic lands: Audiobook

The Blue Jackal and other tales are stories that children would hear from their parents and grandparents, each storyteller relating his or her own version. In this beautifully illustrated hardback book, these fables are re-told in a simple language that children can understand and enjoy.

First written down more than 2,500 years ago in an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit, these and other stories were included in a book called the Panchatantram fables. From India, travellers carried the stories to Iran, and then on to the Arabic-speaking world, where they formed part of a book called Kalila and Dimna.

This audiobook is narrated by Timothy Knapman.