Very Simple Arabia

Peters combines an authoritative text with his inimitable cartoons like no other author dealing with this subject today. In paperback.


Yes, the Arabs Can Too

Much has been written about the role and presence of the Arabs in the world at the beginning of this millennium, and their ability to meet the challenges overwhelming our planet, bristling as it is with science, technology and the latest lethal weapons. Now this new book by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber penetrates to the heart of the Arab situation by a new route, hitherto uncharted.

Foreword by Professor Michael Worton.

In hardback


The Purebred Arabian Horses of Iraq: Myths and Realities

For the first time, the story of Iraq’s purebred Arabian horses is recounted in words and pictures by a prominent Iraqi whose family has been breeding horses for generations, since the family migrated north from Arabia with their prize horses to settle on the grasslands around Mosul in northern Iraq in the 17th century.

In hardback