Fatah al Khair: Oman’s Last Ghanja

Complete with fascinating photographs depicting times present and past, this book delves into a particular aspect of Omani maritime history and explores every aspect of the last fully functioning ghanja in Oman, as well as the people that sailed them.

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Half Past Ten in the Afternoon

Much of this book is a record of the time the author spent between 1965 and 1970 as an English teacher in Aneiza – a provincial town in central Saudi Arabia. In an entertaining series of anecdotes, he describes the daily life and customs of its people, his relations with colleagues and students at the local secondary school, and the events leading up to his ‘removal’ from the town he had come to regard as home, his transfer to Riyadh, and final departure from the country.

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Historic Muscat

A unique concept of historical watercolour sketches of Oman from the early 1950s, presented in this spiral note book, allows the visitor to make and record their own observations as they travel the country.

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Humpy Grumpy Saves the Day!

Told in Julia Johnson’s engaging rhyme and illustrated with Emily Styles’ distinctive water colors, this book of illustrated verse is suitable as a reading book for children aged 5-7, and is an ideal picture book for younger children.

In paperback. 

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Humpy Grumpy’s Mission Improbable

The wild adventures of the popular Humpy Grumpy camel continue in Humpy Grumpy’s Mission Improbable!

Humpy loves the movies and dreams of being an action star – driving fast cars, scaling tall buildings and catching criminals.

One day all his wishes come true as he is thrown straight into the action for real – the tallest building in the world is surely no match for the coolest camel in Dubai.

Will Humpy’s improbable rescue mission succeed? In paperback.

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I See in the Sea of Oman

Another colourful little read in the series of mother and toddler books, helping children to learn to read and write in English and Arabic. This time observing many different fish that live in the seas surrounding Oman.

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Ihlal al-salam fi Hadhramaut

by ‘Abd al-‘Aziz bin ‘Ali bin Salah Al-Qu‘aiti

This book, in Arabic, describes a crucial episode in Yemeni history, during which tribal feuding was brought to an end.

The book includes 40 photographs and 170 historic documents, reproduced here for the first time. Arabic text.

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Islamic Art in Oman

A unique insight into the Islamic arts and crafts of the region. The developments and benefits that have taken place over the last 20 years are documented in detail, promoting cultural awareness and an awareness of the civilisation and beauty of the architecture and archaeology of Oman.

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Kuwait and the Sea

Though inhabited for millennia, Kuwait began to emerge as an Arab shaikhdom relatively late. Entering the historical record during the early 18th century as a junction of caravan and sea routes, it quickly grew to be a commercial rival to Basra at the head of the Gulf.

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Living to Some Purpose

Living to Some Purpose is the autobiography of Dr Adnan Pachachi, one of the most distinguished politicians of the last century. Here he describes his career from its beginning in Iraq as Ambassador to the United Nations, to his time as a member of the Iraqi Parliament from 2006-2010.

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