Who We Are

Medina Publishing is a young independent publishing company with a broad range of titles for children and adults. Our mission is to educate and entertain, to foster cultural understanding, particularly between the West and the Islamic world, and to encourage respect for our planet and all its inhabitants.

Our History

From its foundation in 2009, Medina Publishing has established a reputation for high quality books on the Arabian peninsula, from academic works to illustrated children’s books and the Arabian horse.

The Journey

More recently, Medina Publishing has branched out into such diverse areas as biography and memoirs, cli-fi, photography and politics, and – under its imprint Barzipan – romance and humour. We now publish many of our books as eBooks and are exploring audio books as well.

Our Team

Peter Harrigan
Founding Director
Peter Harrigan is founding director and commissioning editor of Medina Publishing. He is author of the book Riyadh: Oasis of Heritage and Vision (2016), the first detailed and illustrated history of the Saudi capital up to the present time. He is also a contributing editor with Aramco World Magazine.
Shelly McDonald
Middle East Owner/Director
Shelly has lived in the UAE for 13 years and heads up Middle East marketing and distribution via Medina Publishing LLC.
Madi Brooks
Operations Manager
Madi is our brain behind the numbers, analysing sales reports, author royalties and managing logistics.
Sherif Dhaimish
Project Leader, Medina Media
Sherif manages Medina Media's projects from conception to completion, liaising with designers, editors, researchers and the client.
Alexandra Lawson
Design Assistant
Alexandra assists in the design of our books for both our trade books and Medina Media books.
Emma Dacre
Administration Assistant
Emma is a dab-hand at multi-tasking and supports and organises us as we spread the Medina word globally!