Omani Folk Tales

A unique collection of traditional Omani folk tales. In an age where the oral traditions are being cast aside and forgotten, we hope that these folk tales will encourage today’s youth to remember their past.

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Oman, a mystical land of desert, mountain and coast, lies along the south-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsular. It is a country steeped in history with human settlements stretching back through millennia. Tales, often told around the fire at the end of the day, have been handed down through generations, and are a fascinating part of Oman’s heritage. A more modern way of life for the country means storytelling is becoming a less frequent activity. The authors gathered many folktales while travelling in Oman and picked up the concern storytellers had that theirs was a dying art. Thus the idea for this book was born. The tales tell of historical figures, beautiful women and daring knights, courage and bravery. Some are funny, some sad, others with a moral or a sting in the tail. They give a fascinating glimpse of the past. Collected from across Oman they include details of the storytellers and the region in which they live.

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March 2008