Bye-Bye Germs: Be a Handwashing Superhero!

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Bye-Bye Germs: Be a Handwashing Superhero! introduces Jess and her brother Joe who were playing with their toys when Jess felt a tickle in her throat.

The little tickle turned into a bigger tickle…
…and the bigger tickle turned into a giant cough and sneeze until Jess and Joe are both in bed poorly!

How can they stop the germs from spreading?

Join them on their journey as they learn that becoming a handwashing superhero will keep the naughty germs at bay!

In the wake of COVID-19, we are all aware of the importance of hand hygiene.

Medina Publishing has partnered with De Montfort University to publish a child-friendly book that includes fact boxes to explain the importance of hand-washing to help children, parents and carers understand the science behind the story.

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De Montfort University’s Dr Katie Laird (Microbiologist) and Professor Sarah Younie (Educationalist) have teamed up with author and illustrator Jules Marriner, and put together a brand new entertaining, educational book to help keep everyone safe, including:

•Top tips for parents on how to prevent spreading viruses at home
•A picture guide on how to wash your hands properly
•A ‘Spot the Germs’ illustration to help children identify where viruses can be contracted

Bye-Bye Germs: Be an Handwashing Superhero is Book Two of the ‘A Germ’s Journey’ series.

Buy Book One: A Germ’s Journey: Dirty Hands! Clean Hands! here.

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210 x 258 mm (Paperback)


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