Catastrophes, Crashes and Crimes in the UAE

Catastrophes, Crashes and Crimes in the UAE: Newspaper articles of the 1970s

“A glittering chronicle of the UAE’s initial years” Gulf News

How do you guard against natural disasters, not to mention headless ghosts and UFOs? Security is an issue for every country and this compilation of articles from the 1970s by Dr Athol Yates explores the UAE's most testing moments.

In paperback

Like any country, the United Arab Emirates has had its share of criminals, accidents, natural disasters and downright weird incidents. Most of these events merit a few pages in the newspapers before disappearing from history. This book brings tragic, strange and illuminating stories from the 1970s back to life in a compilation of 168 of the best, drawn from past UAE newspapers – UAE News, Emirates News, Abu Dhabi News and the Gulf Weekly Mirror.

The common theme of these articles is their impact on the safety, security and stability of the UAE, and they cover a vast range of topics from smuggling deaths to murders, from assassinations to plane hijackings, and from mermaid hoaxes to UFO sightings. Together, they not only provide a fascinating glimpse into the past, but many of them also still resonate today.

Teaching resources: visit to download a supplement for teachers of English to UAE students. The supplement includes questions and activities linked to each article. Emirati students want to read material about their own country, and the teaching supplement makes this easy for teachers to achieve.

Dimensions 25.8 x 21 cm





December 2016


Athol Yates


Medina Publishing

1 review for Catastrophes, Crashes and Crimes in the UAE

  1. Lisa Kaaki

    Catastrophes, Crashes and Crimes in the UAE is a glittering chronicle of the UAE’s initial years. As the seeds of the future lie in the past, the book serves as a useful guide to all those keen on the region’s history, one that is not found in history books.”
    Lisa Kaaki, Gulf News

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