Dubai Is My Home


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Released: UAE – Dec 2023 UK/US – Feb 2023 Dubai Is My Home is a fascinating exploration of the diverse spectrum of foreign and local residents of the city. Through intimate personal stories and engaging photography, you will meet the people that make the city tick and who comprise its multicultural patchwork. From the Palestinian-Colombian deputy director of an independent cinema to a European falconer to a local Emirati dedicated to preserving the country’s natural environment, the book demonstrates that Dubai residents do not fit one mold but form a microcosm of the global community. This beautifully-designed collection of stories is an insight into what makes Dubai a functioning melting pot, where concepts of diversity, collaboration and harmony are not artificially enforced but lived. For a global audience all- too-accustomed to clichés and superficial stereotypes about the city, Dubai Is My Home introduces readers to the soul of the city, highlighting the deep social connections that make it one of the most liveable and alluring cities in the world. Format – Hardback Length – 192pp ISBN – 978-1-911487-86-9 Printing – Litho CMYK OLIVIA FROUDKINE studied International Penal Law and Art History in Paris before moving to the United States where she spent eight years in New York City. She began her career as a photojournalist, focusing on women’s fate during conflicts and collaborates with French and foreign magazines. She participates in group and personal exhibitions in Paris, New York City, and Europe. She arrived in Dubai in 2012. MARIE-JEANNE ACQUAVIVA studied French literature at La Sorbonne, her PhD was focused on literary hoaxes from the 17th century. She worked in French publishing as an editor for over 10 years and contributed to a food and autofiction blog. She later became a translator and has been writing portraits and conducting interviews for various French and English publications in Dubai. She arrived in Dubai in 2015. COMING SOON, February 2024


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