Oman to China: The Sindbad Voyage

This children’s book tells the story of a curious camel called Mustafa and his adventures with Captain Sindbad across the seas from Oman to China. They make stops along the way where Mustafa makes many friends and learns new things about sailing, the ocean, and other countries. Along with Sindbad’s own tales, this makes a charming story for children of all ages. In English and Arabic.

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Combining fact and myth, Oman to China documents the Sindbad Voyage; a task undertaken by British explorer Tim Severin to mark the 10th National Day of Oman. Mustafa the camel relates the story of the building of the dhow and the voyages taken by Sindbad the sailor, who every Omani believes was born in Sohar in Oman.

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Dimensions 21.1 × 28.1 cm



April 2011