Welcome to Yellowberry Hill

Welcome to Yellowberry Hill, a bizarre and wonderful world of anthropomorphic animals just trying to deal with the challenges of daily adult life.

With characters varying from a cat that owns a pet dog, to a quite small panda with attention deficiency and an unhealthy appetite for junk food, we are presented with hilarious wit and puns that will make you roll your eyes in amusement. In paperback

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The path from Church of England vicar to cartoonist is not exactly well worn, but, since hanging up his vestments and getting his crayons out in 2007, Mark Mowforth has been seeing where it may lead.

Most recently, this has resulted in ‘Yellowberry Hill’, a world of gentle madness where an owl in a onesie, a snake in a cape and a cat with a pet dog (…amongst others…) tackle the comic challenges of life.

Now, the endearingly hapless experiences of Quite Small Panda, Frog in a Mug, Wigmole and friends have become a warm and very funny book where cartoon strips, character features and selected tweets take the reader to a delightful alternative world.

Naturally engaging, ‘Welcome to Yellowberry Hill’ is perfect for those who enjoy the quirky and unique… like Snake in a Cape, judging by his latest tweet: ‘Just read a book on the history of lubrication. I like a bit of non-friction’.

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Dimensions 15.5 × 22.5 cm

7 November 2017