Where is Everyone?

Curious wild animals roaming through the empty streets around the world whilst people stayed at home to keep safe during lockdown was the inspiration behind Where is Everyone? –  the latest children’s story by award-winning author Julia Johnson.

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“There is nothing more awakening than seeing the world through a child’s eyes. As adults we can become blinkered to the wonders of our planet. This charming story by Julia Johnson follows a growing group of puzzled animals trying to find out where all the people have gone during the 2020 pandemic lockdown. It is an innocent but poignant story that cleverly highlights human impact on the natural world. I think it will resonate with every young person and hopefully help effect a change in our respect and treatment of animals and nature.” Gavin Thurston, award winning wildlife cameraman and author of ‘Journeys in the Wild – The Secret Life of a Cameraman.’


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