A Germ’s Journey

This delightful board book follows the journey of a germ using unique heat-sensitive pages and combining interaction, play and learning, showing pre-schoolers the importance of clean hands. A board book.


The journey – from the toilet seat to the tummy (and out again!) – explores the concepts of germs being invisible to the naked eye, multiplying and causing illness. When children place their warm hands on the thermochromic patches, the multiplying germs are revealed. The simple, bright and bold illustrations by Charlie Evans allow children to develop an understanding of science and health from a young age, while having fun in the process. Written by Katie Laird, Senior Lecturer in Microbiology in the De Montfort University School of Pharmacy, with Sarah Younie and John Williams, and illustrated by Charlie Evans in bright, appealing drawings, A Germ’s Journey is both educational and entertaining. There is also an interactive website (www.germsjourney.com) designed to reinforce the message and where children can play while learning the importance of hygiene.

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Dimensions 17.8 × 17.8 cm



December 2016