More Adventures of Lizard and Toad in The Windy Day and Other Stories

Lizard and Toad are friends. They live in a wadi in the mountains of Arabia. Toad’s curiosity often leads him into trouble, but clever Lizard always has a bright idea to help his friend out of a sticky situation.

Follow Lizard and Toad in four more exciting adventures: The Windy Day, Toad Makes a Splash,Whose Egg? and The Party. Includes a colouring page and an introduction to the creatures who live in a UAE Wadi.

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The UAE is famous for its skyscrapers and grand hotels, its shopping malls and theme parks, but there are other things in the UAE besides big cities…. sandy seashores of course and vast deserts…. and the ancient Hajar mountains, which hold all sorts of surprises!

If you take time to explore you will find steep ravines and narrow gorges in these rugged, rocky mountains.  Riverbeds run through the valleys between the mountains.

In Arabia we call them “wadis”.  Very often they are dry, but when it rains they become special places, full of pools and plants, insects, birds and animals.

If you’re lucky you may meet Lizard and Toad who live there…..


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