Sea of Pearls: The History of Pearl Fishing in Bahrain and the Gulf by Robert A. Carter


A phenomenal exploration into the history of pearling! Inextricably linked to the history of Bahrain this timeless industry wielded profound influence over global commerce, fashion, urban development and political strife in the earliest long-distance maritime trade in the Gulf. From 18th to 20th century, the industry flourished, drawing tribesmen and townspeople alike into its fold as they sought to supply an expanding international market. Bahrain thrived at the heart of this frenzy until the industry’s abrupt downfall in the early 20th century, triggered by the advent of cultured pearls from Japan. The influx of traders, migrants, merchants and political advisors – each seeking to partake in the booming trade- left an indelible mark on the gulf, germinating new city-states with cosmopolitan communities, which are now the global metropolises that we know today. This lavishly illustrated book delves into unprecedented detail, chronicling the ascent and decline of this ancient industry before its eclipse in the age of oil. Unveiling historical growth and geopolitical dynamics, this enthralling read uncovers the seldom-told story behind humanity’s most enduring and prized treasures.


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