The Secret of the Cave

A beautiful, haunting and mysterious tale for children aged 7+.  Winner of the International Children’s Book category at Sharjah Children’s Book Awards 2019.

In paperback.

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Ameera squeezed her eyes tight shut.  She wanted to see the water in the pools again, glistening in the sunlight as it had in her dream, the trees changing from brown to green as the rain touched them with its magic. 

She wanted to see the birds dipping in their beaks, Grandmother cupping her hands as she scooped water to her mouth, the camels and donkeys drinking at the water’s edge.  It had to be real, it just had to be…

Set in a remote mountain village in the grip of a deadly drought, a young girl sets out to look for berries.  She falls into a deep, dark cave, where shapes and shadows lurk and bats abound. Cold and frightened, she desperately wishes for the comforting figure of her cousin Hilal, but he is far away and cannot help her.

It seems that no one can.

But in that eerie cavern lit only by the occasional glimmer of glow worms, she comes across an owl and a mysterious child who lead her to a discovery which could save her people … if only she could get out and reach them.

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Dimensions 197 × 133 cm