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With the end of 2023 fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to give a shout-out to one of the incredible charities that we’ve had the pleasure to work with this year. So without further ado, we present…

Cowes Sailability!

As part of our book launch for The Last Adventurer: Message in a Bottle by Fons Oerlemans and Kee Arens, we organised a raffle in aid of Cowes Sailability Club.

This registered Cowes Sailability charity is a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment in its dedication to making sailing an accessible sport for all. They help hundreds of individuals facing physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and debilitating long-term conditions by providing a safe space for adventure out on the ocean. Here’s what Roger Sutton, Commodore of Cowes Sailability Club, had to say. 

“People with disabilities can find it really hard to access fun recreational activities, particularly on the Isle of Wight.  As a result, they can become isolated and affected by loneliness and poor mental health.  Cowes Sailability Club improves the wellbeing of people who live with disabilities. We make it possible for them to enjoy an accessible and exhilarating outdoor activity, supported by our volunteers who are kind and understanding.”

During the sailing season (May to early October), we provide weekly sailing opportunities for adults with a range of physical disabilities, long-term debilitating medical conditions and learning disabilities.  We also arrange trips on accessible motorboats for disabled children and their families, working in association with the Isle of Wight Council’s Children’s Services team.  Everyone has a lot of fun on the water, while also learning new skills and making friends. 

Our aim is to put smiles on faces, but in reality, we do so much more than this. We give disabled people renewed confidence in themselves, inspire them to live their lives to the full and leave them with incredible memories that they and their families will treasure.”

Beyond the thrill of the open sea, Cowes Sailability aims to instil confidence, inspire a full embrace of life, and ultimately create lasting memories for both participants and their families. The charity moves beyond the conventional understanding of sailing and breaks down barriers offering tailored sailing and recreational boating opportunities, that open up a world of possibilities and adventure for adults and children who may have thought such experiences were beyond their reach. 

If you would like to help support Cowes Sailability Club, they have recently launched an appeal for funding to help them purchase a new safety boat. The club’s existing boat is ageing and needs to be replaced before the sailing season of 2025. Without a safety boat, there can be no accessible sailing and Cowes Sailability would be unable to continue their fantastic work. 

You can find more information here:

Medina Publishing and Bookshop pledge to continue to support and raise awareness of Cowes Sailability. 


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