Saluki: Hound of the Bedouin

This beautifully illustrated children’s book by Julia Johnson tells the story of a young Bedouin boy whose devotion to his dog, Saluki draws him on exciting and sometimes hazardous adventures. A wonderful story to be enjoyed by children between the ages of 6 and 11.

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Seven Bands of Gold: First Love

It is the mid-1960s and 17-year-old Sally is living in leafy suburbia. Having finished her convent education, Sally is shy and naïve, and totally unconscious of her budding beauty. Her only sex education has been an excruciating lesson on the procreation of rabbits from the nuns.

Then she meets Doug MacDonald and the urges that have lain dormant, anaesthetised by ignorance and Catholic angst, overpower her shyness and reserve. Almost overnight Sally blossoms…

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Seven Bands of Gold: Sensual Love

First Love saw Sally’s sexuality awakened; in Seven Bands of Gold Book 2: Sensual Love, the seductive Sheikh Abdullah takes her sex education to a new level – and the convent-educated and ill-prepared schoolgirl proves a fast learner! Torn between the comfort and security of her affair with the gentle Matt and the deep passions aroused by the experienced Sheikh, Sally imagines life could not get more complicated. But when a figure from her past casts his shadow over this curious ménage à trois, she realises how wrong she was…

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Success Through Cooperation

Success Through Cooperation:
The First Decade of the GPCA, 2006–2015

From a standing start in 2006, the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association has become a key resource for global industry. GPCA meetings, most especially its Annual Forum in Dubai, are “must-attend” events for regional and international leaders. The association’s reports carry great weight, and its committees play essential roles in charting and encouraging the forward movement of the chemical companies of the Arabian Gulf. The GPCA is committed to responsible stewardship and to the future progress of the industry. This present report details the origins, development, and functions of the association and is issued in conjunction with its tenth anniversary celebrations.

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The Pearl Diver

This delightful story, carefully researched from oral and written sources – some dating from more than 150 years ago – offers an insight into the way of life that sustained the Arabian Gulf right up until the discovery of oil.

The winning charm of Patricia Al Fakhri’s watercolours combine with Julia Johnson’s narrative to make The Pearl Diver a perennial favourite with children aged 8 to 12.

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Ubuntu: Summer of the Rhino

Ubuntu: Summer of the Rhino is brilliantly told and beautifully illustrated and will delight children from the age of eight years upwards. All royalties will be donated to the Rhino Rehabilitation Centre of Rhino Revolution, to help rescue and rehabilitate orphaned rhinos. Merely by buying this book you are making a difference – but do join the Revolution and help make the world a kinder place: visit

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Very Simple Arabia

Peters combines an authoritative text with his inimitable cartoons like no other author dealing with this subject today. In paperback.

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Yes, the Arabs Can Too

Much has been written about the role and presence of the Arabs in the world at the beginning of this millennium, and their ability to meet the challenges overwhelming our planet, bristling as it is with science, technology and the latest lethal weapons. Now this new book by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber penetrates to the heart of the Arab situation by a new route, hitherto uncharted.

Foreword by Professor Michael Worton.

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A Soldier in Arabia

A Soldier in Arabia reveals the behind-the-scenes story of the events which led up to and followed the creation of the present-day United Arab Emirates in December 1971 followed, a few months later, with Ras Al Khaimah joining the Federation. Soldier and adventurer David Neild was the youngest officer to serve in the legendary Trucial Oman Scouts when he joined them at the age of only 20 in 1959.

In 1968 Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, with whom Neild had formed a good working relationship, called on Neild to set up and command a national defence force for the Sheikhdom, with the rank of Lt Colonel. In hardback.

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Mleiha: The Unwritten History

Over the past 40 years, archaeological surveys and excavations in the Mleiha inland basin have shed much light on the diversity and richness of the human societies that have flourished there over many thousands of years. So far no other landscape in south-east Arabia has yielded so much information about its pre- and proto-history.

The Emirate of Sharjah today takes great pride in its role as a centre for culture, the arts and civilized values. The publication of this book has been timed to coincide with the opening of the new Mleiha Visitor Centre as a focal point for all those wanting to find out more about the civilizations that once flourished in this unique area.

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