10 March 2014
Sarah Holding was the host of the ‘Kingston-under-Thames 2114’ climate change debate with the Rt Hon Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Environment and Climate Change, Hilary Gander and David Randall and 100 Climate Change Ambassadors from 6 different secondary schools.

Climate weekSarah commented, ‘A big thank you to everyone who took part in the ‘Kingston-under-Thames 2114’ event, particularly the 100 pupils, my 3 other panellists and to David Gander who stepped in to chair the event. Additional thanks also to my publicist Sepideh Cole, and all the amazing teachers and support staff who made it all possible – we have changed the mindsets of all those young people who will now think about climate change differently having time travelled to the future to see the havoc we are now creating for future generations to deal with.