“… flawlessly written, the language is simple and straightforward but not condescending for young readers… the pace romps along with constant changes of venue and lots of adventure.”

Best Book Review – 19 Oct  2013

After it’s successful launch event at Foyles in London, the reviews for Sarah Holding’s SeaBEAN are emerging. Here is taste of what Best Book Review had to say:

The hard copy book came complete with a heat sensitive cover which is such a good idea, great fun to play about with, and the relevance becomes clear when you start to read the book.

There is a great sense that as something happens at one place, it then can have an effect at the other side of the world. The feeling that everything is connected is exciting and acceptable to children, and the story illustrates a need to be aware of environmental issues and crimes against nature.

The book is very quirky and funny the way the children inadvertently pick up some strays and objects from places they have been, and are able to help save the island for the islanders in a very satisfying and positive ending.

As you could guess I am now a fan, and hope more books appear soon.