Picasso’s Revenge

The explosive phenomenon of ‘modern art’ bursts out of the blue, from the brush of a riotous, yet sometimes timid, immigrant painter. How, and particularly why, this happened is explored in this historical novel, revealing a great story in art previously neglected.

Picasso’s Revenge concerns a painting – Les Demoiselles d’Avignon – and Jacques Doucet who horrifies his wife by buying the artist’s outrageous Brothel picture. Doucet is a couturier, tortured and fastidious to the point of ludicrousness. He struggles to overcome the scandal of owning a painting so difficult that even its author had hidden it away for ten years.

In an arduous quest to uncover the painting’s origins the art patron finds keeping it more painful than he could ever have realised. The answer to his appalling dilemma is wrapped up in Les Demoiselles and concerns Picasso’s greatest and most powerful secret.


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‘This extraordinary novel rebrands Picasso no less. Rich, mysterious and splendid. A cultural masterpiece.’

Sylvia Vetta, novelist/art specialist

In the early 1920’s, immaculate gentleman, Jacques Doucet descends into the world of anarchist art, the occult and the dark turmoil of his past – involving the death of his beloved Madame R. A disastrous journey leads the couturier and patron of the arts to confront the celebrated bohemians of the city, including Max Jacob, André Breton and Pablo Picasso. When troubled Doucet acquires the world’s most dangerous painting, it causes him to hack at the root of Picasso’s darkest secrets, unveiling modern art’s incredible genesis.

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Dimensions 24 × 15.5 cm
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September 2019


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