Hidden In The Sands coverFrances Gillespie has lived in Qatar for almost 30 years, working as an English teacher for many years and as a freelance writer, contributing to the media and writing books about the history and natural history of Qatar. In 2000 she was the coordinator of the Qatar Archaeology Project, a joint initiative between the Qatari authorities and the University of Birmingham.

Her best-selling book Discovering Qatar, first 9781909339293published in 2006, was the first to introduce readers to a wide range of natural history as well as to the traditional culture, history and archaeology of Qatar. Since then she has published the first field guide in English to the birds of Qatar, which has now been translated into Arabic, and a series of six books for young readers on the fauna and flora of the country, in English and Arabic. She also acts as scientific editor on a number of publications, and has adapted an educational interactive website on the environment for use in Qatar.

Blue JackalPublished by Medina Publishing Ltd:
Hidden In The Sands: Uncovering Qatar’s Past
The Blue Jackal and other tales from Islamic Lands
Jewels from the Sea: Pearl Fishing in the Arabian Gulf