Francesco_ScannellaSicilian ShadowsBorn in Surrey, Francesco (Frank) Scannella has done a lot of different things, most of which he’s proud of. He’s worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, helped to create the Beanie Baby craze, funded Collectables and Sportsbag magazines – and won a national advertising award.

He has an honours degree from Newport, Wales, a passion for American comics and has played football at a high level.

Frank is not a man who lets life pass him by. And he is most proud of his quarter-of-a century marriage and his three children – and perhaps his full head of hair. He still lives little more than a mile from where he was born, and every morning visits his mother and sits and drinks his bowl of latte e caffè as he has done since his first visit to Sicily, all those years ago.

Sicilian Shadows, his first published book, is an open and at times brutal account of an extraordinary period in his young life. At the age of seven, his world was turned upside down when he was uprooted from his suburban London home and sent, like a lamb to the slaughter, to the heartland of the Cosa Nostra.

Published by Medina Publishing Ltd:
Sicilian Shadows