THE FUTURE OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND:The Future of the Bank of England - cover
Paul Tempest worked for 24 years in the Bank, spending over eight years on secondment – with the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, with the Diplomatic Service learning Arabic in the Middle East, as General Manager of the Qatar and Dubai Currency Board (in 1970-71) and for three years with Shell International and British Gas. He has been Chairman of the Bank’s alumni organisation, The Threadneedle Club, since its inception in 1985.

Greenwich and the London River coverGREENWICH AND THE LONDON RIVER:
Pictured, from right to left: Paul Tempest (author), Peter Kent (artist), Stephen Tempest (photographer)

Paul Tempest is the author of two dozen books on subjects ranging from the Bank of England to envoys to the Arab world. He has been Chairman of The Threadneedle Club, the Bank of England’s alumni organisation, since 1985 and editor of its magazine Threadneedle. In 1972 he helped found the London River Commuters Association based in Greenwich. He is a keen yachtsman and sailed on the Thames below Greenwich each winter from 1992 to 2004, and from spring moorings on the Medway and at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex voyaged to waters beyond these English shores. He has been a member of the Royal Ocean Racing Club (1961-2006), and the Bank of England Sailing Club and the Athenaeum since 1981.

The Tempest family, longstanding residents of Greenwich, have published their guides to Greenwich and the London River for the past 40 years and it is these which have inspired this book.

Peter Kent is also a longstanding Greenwich resident. He previously lived at 1 Diamond Terrace where the sea poet John Masefield lived, and now resides on the Greenwich waterfront in his four-storey home and studio. His numerous drawings and maps, produced over more than 50 years, have appeared regularly in local publications as well as in national and international maritime journals and books.

Stephen Tempest has lived in Greenwich since he was born in 1968. He has photographed local events and published his collections of photographs of Greenwich, Blackheath and the London River. He has also worked in the Royal Naval College and for ten years was a gallery assistant in the National Maritime Museum.