January 9 2013

Dr Mohammad Al-Nujaifi named No 1 owner by the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing (IFAHR) for third consecutive year

LONDON:  Owner and author Dr Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Nujaifi is the No 1 Arabian racehorse owner for 2012 according to IFAHR statistics. This is the third consecutive season he has held the title for all races in all countries by placement.

The horses were bred mainly at the Al-Nujaifi stud farm 40 km to the north of the ancient city Mosul (capital city of the ancient province of Nineveh) in Iraq, where the family has been raising purebred Arabian horses since 1638.

“The breeding of Arabian horses has suffered over the past three decades in Iraq and I am delighted in the increasing interest we are seeing in purebred Iraqi horses racing in Europe and all over the world, and the appreciation of this ancient bloodline. Particularly after winning major European G1 races by my Iraqi bred horses,” commented Dr Mohammad Al-Nujaifi. “Having just published ‘The Purebred Arabian Horses of Iraq’, I feel justified in my claims on their influence on world breeding programmes.”

Dr Mohammed Al-Nujaifi races in Iraq as well as at major race courses, particularly in the UK, Sweden, France, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States.