wingscoverAfter ten years in Saudi Arabia, first as a teacher then as Senior Reporter for the Arab News, Roger Harrison was invited to join an historic expedition to prove the possibility of introducing gliding as a sport in the Kingdom.

Writer, photographer and enthusiast of adventure sports, Roger’s motto is “everybody dies, but some never live”. In 2002 he enthusiastically grabbed the chance to join two Saudi Princes in a genuine first. The unique opportunity to fly over parts of Saudi Arabia hitherto restricted to civilians led to the coalescence of three of his great loves – flying, photography and the written word – into Wings Over Arabia. He is currently building a library of photographs as a record of the Kingdom for future archiving.

He has a long-suffering photographer son and lives in Jeddah with an incredibly tolerant wife, Sian, and a number of uninvited cats.

His hobbies include diving, singing, cooking, reading and pursuing trifles of esoteric information.