Treasury Islands says: [SeaBEAN] will delight loves of Secret Seven and Famous Five books

Initially reluctant, “I’m not particularly a science fiction fan”, Treasury Islands declared “… we do not judge a book by the cover – even if it is thermochromic – and so in I dove. And I’m glad I did.”

SeaBEAN is a real corker of a novel, suitable for reading aloud from the age of eight or nine and lone-reading from around ten

Written with an economy of language that belies its debut status

… straightforward without being obvious, addressing  important contemporary issues without being preachy. This is a rare talent indeed

Despite the brisk pace each landscape is superbly captured as Holding sketches an impression of each new location, before throwing her characters into it and seeing how they react

I look forward to part two of the trilogy, SeaWAR, which sees the C-Bean turn time machine as well as matter transporter


For its exciting adventure and accessible prose that will delight loves of Secret Seven and Famous Five books, SeaBEAN deserves a hearty 9 out of 10.

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