SeaBEAN is launched today!

With its fun heat-sensitive cover, SeaBEAN – book one of the SeaBEAN Trilogy is launched today in London at an event in Foyles of Charing Cross Road

Is Sarah Holding inviting the world to judge her children’s adventure novel, SeaBEAN, by its cover?


The mysteriously dark cover of the book reveals a dramatic seascape when touched or rubbed with a warm hand. As it cools, the image disappears and the cover slowly reverts to darkness, evoking the interactive outer surface of the eponymous futuristic craft that is the source of their adventures.


Critics and young reviewers haven’t let the excitement of the cover distract them from the quality of the story and can’t wait for SeaWAR and SeaRISE, out early next year.

For more information on SeaBEAN, including links to interactive games and educational aspects of St Kilda, visit the new SeaBEAN Trilogy website



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