14 Nov 2014

SeaRISE receives a glowing review from Mia Madden, aged 11 of BleachHouseLibrary Blogspot

This is the third, and final installment in the SeaBEAN Trilogy. *Sad Face*.

I love this book, it is 2018 and the C-Bean (a time-travel machine) is about to be taken away for a tune-up. Alice and friends decide to have a sleepover beforehand but, when it turns midnight, the gang get taken to 2118 by a guy called Commander Hadron. They see St. Kilda as a very different place, in the future, and it is not good. Half of it is underwater, the sky is weird shade of green and the kids even have problems breathing.

Alice is trying to get everyone back to 2018. A new friend from the future is introduced, Rudy, a fourteen year old boy, who joins in the adventures.

SeaRISE is another wonderful instalment which teaches us to look after the world we live in. This means travelling forward in time as well as backwards. Although this sounds very confusing, it’s not when you are reading it.

I am going to miss Alice a lot. I will have to find a new amazing book series to keep me occupied now. I really hope to visit St. Kilda one day, myself. I will really miss all the adventures involving the C-Bean but who knows, maybe someday in the future, a magical box will appear in my garden!