15th July 2014

In splendid tabloid style, the Sunday Mirror announced this week’s publication of Francesco Scannella’s memoir, Sicilian Shadows, with a double page feature. Read the article online, complete with enticing tabloid headline …


Secret Sicilian Mafia childhood of middle-aged, middle-class, tea-drinking illustrator from Surrey

FrancescoScannellaSicilyA fun-loving 53-year-old dad, he loves his football. Drinks endless cups of tea. Likes browsing through old comics. Dotes on his wife and three lovely children.

But now and then, Frank gets ­flashbacks to a bloodcurdling Mafia childhood far removed from his quiet English life in leafy Surrey.

And the dark memories run deep – like the moment when as a wide-eyed boy of seven he was handed a smoking sawn-off shotgun in a Sicilian town square by an escaping hit man…

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Sicilian ShadowsSicilian Shadows is the compelling memoir of a young boy’s struggle for survival in the heartland of the Mafia. It is a story of tragic young love and centuries-old hatreds told with wry humour and brutal honesty. No-one from that region with the author’s connections or perspective has ever written about what it was really like: names, times and places have been changed (to protect the innocent and, in many cases, the guilty), but these events and experiences really happened.

228 x 152 mm portrait

Publication: 17 July 2014

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