Owner and author Dr Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Nujaifi presents his book The Purebred Arabian Horses of Iraq – Myths and Realities to the White House at a meeting with the President of the United States, Barack Obama and Vice President, Joe Biden.

Dr Mohammad Al-Nujaifi
(far right) at the White House meetingForthcoming Titles
Dr Mohammad Al-Nujaifi is the world’s No 1 Arabian racehorse owner for 2013, the fourth consecutive year he has held the title according to International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing statistics.

Six years in the creation, The Purebred Arabian Horses of Iraq – Myths and Realities is the culmination of Dr Mohammad Al-Nujaifi’s lifelong studies and his determination to share the knowledge and history that has allowed him to become the top Arabian racehorse owner. This work covers ancient times, the development of flat racing, right through to today and the purebred Arabian’s influence on world breeding programmes.

The White House meeting was with the Iraqi delegation led by his brother Osama Al-Nujaifi, Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament.

Dr Mohammed Al-Nujaifi commented that the gift was accepted, “with appreciation”. He added that the aim of the book was to, “help people understand the culture that endowed Arabian horses with the qualities we respect so much today”.

Dr Mohammed Al-Nujaifi races his Arabians at major courses around the world, particularly in the UK, Sweden, France, Saudi Arabia and Gulf States, in addition to Iraq.

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