The Last Adventurer – Message in a Bottle

A wild story of outlandish Atlantic crossings.


‘Fons’ daring adventures show how, in the vast ocean, success calls for more than courage: it demands invention, purpose, innovation and a true explorer’s spirit.’

Bear Grylls
Author of Never Give Up: A Life of Adventure


‘No regrets. Except I still can’t swim.’

Join Fons Oerlemans and Kee Arens on a journey of courage, resilience and high adventure as they push the boundaries of possibility on six heroic transatlantic voyages aboard their extraordinary self-built vessels.

From a humble life raft to daring designs using unconventional materials such as an old steam boiler, a nine-ton truck and even a colossal bottle, Oerlemans fearlessly sails his creations across the Atlantic to forge a legacy of innovation and determination. With his wife, Kee, he navigates treacherous waters, tempestuous storms and harrowing challenges to conquer not only the ocean’s depths but also their own doubts and fears. From their first expedition in 1974 to their latest voyage, their story celebrates the indomitable spirit of true adventurers.

The Last Adventurer transports you beyond the realms of ordinary existence, inspiring you to chase your dreams and live life to the fullest.


FONS OERLEMANS was born in German-occupied Belgium. His unusual childhood playing with the abandoned tanks and explosives left behind after World War 2 gave him a unique outlook on life and a skill with engineering and machinery. It also propelled him into a life of adventure, building improbable vessels for his seven* successful Atlantic crossings, one of which introduced him to his fellow adventurer and future wife, Kee Arens.

KEE ARENS first sought adventure overseas as cabin crew for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. One day she replied to an advert looking for a companion to sail the Atlantic with boat-builder extraordinaire, Fons Oerlemans, and her adventuring life truly took off. Together, they have crossed the Atlantic several times in a series of unusual, self-built vessels, each with its own challenges and rewards. Along the way, she married Fons, had two sons, and spent many years living with her husband in a large, ocean-going bottle.

Translated from Dutch, originally published as The Last Generation.

Features maps, colour images
Size – 216mm x 138mm
Extent – 240pp + 2 x 8pp plate sections

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