Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in their own words

“The fact that I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly was sort of confirmation to me that everything – all the stars were aligned – everything was just perfect.” – Prince Harry Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in their own words tells the story of how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fell in love through quotes the two have expressed from before they even met. In paperback.


A Matter of Luck


The chances are you don’t really know, but you probably believe in it, and I bet you invoke the word every day of your life … ‘Bad luck!’ ‘That was lucky!’ ‘You should be so lucky!’ ‘What a lucky escape!’– said with varying degrees of intensity, relief, sarcasm, amusement, incredulity or disgust.


Diana: I’m Going to be Me

Diana: I’m Going to be Me, tells the remarkable story of Princess Diana’s life through her own words.

It is now 20 years since this iconic royal figure died at the tragically young age of 36 in a Paris car crash. Her powerful legacy lives on through her sons, Princes William and Harry, and a new generation is becoming aware her extraordinary life for the first time.

In paperback.


Prince Philip: A Lifetime of Wit and Wisdom

This book includes an unrivalled selection of the Prince’s golden gaffes and wise words from his first public appearances as a Royal nearly 70 years ago up until his retirement this August. Including the rude, the controversial, the insightful and the downright hilarious, Prince Philip: A Lifetime of Wit and Wisdom is not to be missed. No.1 AMAZON BESTSELLER In paperback


Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes

His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh: irascible, controversial, outspoken, forthright and funny; the Gaffer, the Prince of Political Incorrectness, the Duke of Hazard, Phil the Greek. Whatever you call him – and he doesn’t give a damn – you’ve got to love him! Now in his nineties, he goes on – undaunted, unrepentant and, if less active, just as amusing. As of Autumn 2017 the Duke finally relinquished his public duties but his legendary humour lives on.

In paperback and eBook (kindle)


Seven Bands of Gold: First Love

It is the mid-1960s and 17-year-old Sally is living in leafy suburbia. Having finished her convent education, Sally is shy and naïve, and totally unconscious of her budding beauty. Her only sex education has been an excruciating lesson on the procreation of rabbits from the nuns.

Then she meets Doug MacDonald and the urges that have lain dormant, anaesthetised by ignorance and Catholic angst, overpower her shyness and reserve. Almost overnight Sally blossoms…

In paperback and eBook (kindle)


Seven Bands of Gold: Forbidden Love

The third volume in the ‘Seven Bands of Gold’ quartet sees our heroine Sally struggling to reconcile her love for the charismatic only son of the ruler of Al Khaleej and her affection for ardent suitor Matthew, the handsome naval officer. To complicate matters further, who should turn up but Doug, the fiancé who jilted her some years before.

Available in paperback and eBook


Seven Bands of Gold: Sensual Love

First Love saw Sally’s sexuality awakened; in Seven Bands of Gold Book 2: Sensual Love, the seductive Sheikh Abdullah takes her sex education to a new level – and the convent-educated and ill-prepared schoolgirl proves a fast learner! Torn between the comfort and security of her affair with the gentle Matt and the deep passions aroused by the experienced Sheikh, Sally imagines life could not get more complicated. But when a figure from her past casts his shadow over this curious ménage à trois, she realises how wrong she was…

In paperback


The Little Book of Dog Quotes

No self-respecting dog owner should be without a copy of this book of quotations about man’s best friend. Compiled by dog lover Aubrey Malone, The Little Book of Dog Quotes brings together hundreds of quips and quotes about canines. In paperback.

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Welcome to Yellowberry Hill

Welcome to Yellowberry Hill, a bizarre and wonderful world of anthropomorphic animals just trying to deal with the challenges of daily adult life.

With characters varying from a cat that owns a pet dog, to a quite small panda with attention deficiency and an unhealthy appetite for junk food, we are presented with hilarious wit and puns that will make you roll your eyes in amusement. In paperback

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