British Olympic Heroes 2012

Eminently readable, fun, fact-filled, fully illustrated this entertaining and informative handbook is essential reading for all sports fans, couch potatoes and patriots.

First published in 2011 with a Foreword by Sir Chris Hoy, and reprinted in 2012, British Olympic Heroes now features almost 100 outstanding athletes from Great Britain’s 120-year record of unbroken attendance at the Olympic Games.

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Centenary: The Arab Horse Society: 1918-2018

Compiled and edited by Anne Brown, a Society Council member and a former Hon President, the book gallops through Arab racing, endurance, showing and dressage. This special centenary edition is lavishly illustrated and luxuriously bound – a great gift for any horse lover.


The Salukis in My Life

The Salukis in My Life: From the Arab World to China is part-memoir, part-travelogue, and explores in lively and unprecedented detail the history and significance of the Saluki across the world.

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Spirit of the Wind: A Photographic Celebration of the Wild Horses of the Namib Desert

A Photographic Celebration of the Wild Horses of the Namib Desert

The result of an intrepid pilgrimage to discover the essence of the mysterious herds of feral horses. The exquisite photographs of the horses and their surroundings show a deep, almost spiritual, connection between subject and photographer.

“The country, its people, and Namibia’s phenomenal and unique wild horses have mesmerized me. I saw the thirst in their eyes and the burning desire to survive. I was looking for the spirit of freedom and found it here, within the wild horses of the Namib Desert.”

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Small Miracles: The Story of the Princess Alia Foundation

Co-authored by HRH Princess Alia, the eldest daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan, and Sharifa Sarra GhaziSmall Miracles, the Story of the Princess Alia Foundation is the account of an extraordinary charitable endeavour. When it was established in 2009, the authors little knew how the Foundation would fundamentally change their lives, as well as the lives of countless others – animal and human.

Written with passion and humour and gloriously illustrated, this book should be compulsory reading in every part of the world, to reawaken the seeds of compassion that live in all mankind but all too often lie dormant through ignorance or social conditioning, to remind us that we share this planet and our destiny with all living things, and to promote the balance, harmony and respect of all creation.

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The History of the Welsh Pony

A unique and comprehensive study of the development of the Welsh Pony, this book is packed with interesting stories and is magnificently illustrated with photographs charting the different types and highlighting outstanding Welsh Ponies. This is the first account of its kind, providing an invaluable book for pony enthusiasts of all walks.

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The History of the British Riding Pony

The History of the British Riding Pony is the fruit of many years of dedicated research and writing by an acknowledged expert on the subject.

Drawing on archive material, the book explains how bloodlines emerged over the years and how the types we now see in our show rings have been developed. It describes in detail how the expertise of a few influential breeders initially brought together the best bloodlines from the Thoroughbred, Arab and native pony breeds to create a modern equine which has no equal.

In hardback


The Purebred Arabian Horses of Iraq: Myths and Realities

For the first time, the story of Iraq’s purebred Arabian horses is recounted in words and pictures by a prominent Iraqi whose family has been breeding horses for generations, since the family migrated north from Arabia with their prize horses to settle on the grasslands around Mosul in northern Iraq in the 17th century.

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The Arab Horse

Since its first publication in 1989, The Arab Horse has been recognised as the definitive work on the subject. This, the third edition, has been substantiallly revised and redesigned to bring the story of the Arab horse to a new generation of enthusiasts of the breed, and to coincide with the opening of the British Museum’s exhibition on ‘The Horse from Arabia to Royal Ascot’ in May 2012… In hardback


Out of the Desert: The Influence of the Arab Horse on the Light Horse and Native Pony Breeds of Britain

Here is the long-awaited work by Peter Upton, one of Britain’s leading equine painters and authors. This book on the profound influence of the Arabian horse on the native horses and ponies of Britain is certain to raise interest, if not eyebrows, among horse-lovers around the world…

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