Catastrophes, Crashes and Crimes in the UAE

Catastrophes, Crashes and Crimes in the UAE: Newspaper articles of the 1970s

How do you guard against natural disasters, not to mention headless ghosts and UFOs?

Security is an issue for every country; this compilation of articles from the 1970s by Dr Athol Yates explores the UAE’s most testing moments.


Discovering the United Arab Emirates

Lavishly illustrated with photographs of people and places not on the tourist trail, Discovering the United Arab Emirates offers audiences a wealth of information in an easy, accessible manner. It is also an invaluable resource to schools and teachers, and prompts the reader to investigate and explore further. In paperback.

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Don’t Start from Here

MANY OF US FEEL ANGRY about banks and bankers. But why publish a book when there are so many learned papers on bank reform freely available on the web?

Answer: To combat white noise and cut to the chase.

In hardback


Dubai High – A Culture Trip

In early 2007, writer and theatre director Michael Schindhelm was appointed by the Dubai authorities as consultant on a projected opera house, and in early 2008 found himself with a broader remit as director of the newly founded Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. His diary of 2008 is a partly fictionalized account of his first twelve months of both working and living in Dubai. In hardback and eBook (kindle)


Emirates Diaries: From Sheikhs to Shakespeare

Peter Clark was a romantic. He did not want to be sent to Abu Dhabi in 1988 to run the British Council in the United Arab Emirates, a country which he felt was brash, consumerist and lacking in history. He preferred established countries, steeped in history with ruins and antique architecture. Cover illustration byChess Heward.

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Encountering Islam

Long before European empires came to dominate the Middle East, Britain was brought face to face with Islam through the activities of the Barbary corsairs. For three centuries after 1500, Muslim ships based in North African ports terrorized European shipping, capturing thousands of vessels and enslaving hundreds of thousands of Christians.

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Fatah al Khair: Oman’s Last Ghanja

Complete with fascinating photographs depicting times present and past, this book delves into a particular aspect of Omani maritime history and explores every aspect of the last fully functioning ghanja in Oman, as well as the people that sailed them.

In hardback


Half Past Ten in the Afternoon

Much of this book is a record of the time the author spent between 1965 and 1970 as an English teacher in Aneiza – a provincial town in central Saudi Arabia. In an entertaining series of anecdotes, he describes the daily life and customs of its people, his relations with colleagues and students at the local secondary school, and the events leading up to his ‘removal’ from the town he had come to regard as home, his transfer to Riyadh, and final departure from the country.

In hardback and eBook (kindle)


Historic Muscat

A unique concept of historical watercolour sketches of Oman from the early 1950s, presented in this spiral note book, allows the visitor to make and record their own observations as they travel the country.

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In hardback



Humpy Grumpy Saves the Day!

Told in Julia Johnson’s engaging rhyme and illustrated with Emily Styles’ distinctive water colors, this book of illustrated verse is suitable as a reading book for children aged 5-7, and is an ideal picture book for younger children.

In paperback. 

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