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New titles

Sicilian ShadowsSicilian Shadows

by Francesco Scannella 

PUBLICATION 17 July 2014
Hardback £13.99 - Paperback £10.99 - eBook £3.99

The compelling memoir of a young boy’s struggle for survival in the heartland of the Mafia. It is a story of tragic young love and centuries old hatreds told with wry humour and brutal honesty.

No one from that region with the author’s connections or perspective has ever written about what it was really like: names, times and places have been changed (to protect the innocent and, in many cases, the guilty), but these events and experiences really happened.


Blue JackalThe Blue Jackal

Told by Frances Gillespie; illustrated by Charlene Kasdorf 

PUBLICATION June 2014 Hardback £12.95

The Blue Jackal and other tales are stories that children would hear from their parents and grandparents, each storyteller relating his or her own version. In this beautifully illustrated hardback book, these fables are re-told in a simple language that children can understand and enjoy.


PAFcover3Small Miracles

by HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein & Sharifa Sarra Ghazi

PUBLICATION 24 May 2014 Hardback £35

Co-authored by HRH Princess Alia and Sharifa Sarra Ghazi, Small Miracles, the Story of the Princess Alia Foundation is the account of an extraordinary charitable endeavour.