For the first time, the story of Iraq’s purebred Arabian horses is recounted in words and pictures by a prominent Iraqi whose family has been breeding horses for generations, since the family migrated north from Arabia with their prize horses to settle on the grasslands around Mosul in northern Iraq in the 17th century.

  • Discovering Islamic Art

    For the first time a door has been opened to invite younger children to enter the world of Islamic art – and what a world it is: one of beauty and inventiveness, spiritual depth and exquisite artistry. Every page is generously illustrated and with each topic is an activity sheet to encourage further engagement. This will not only appeal to young readers, but is also designed with parents and teachers in mind.

    Discovering Islamic Art
  • Hidden In The Sands: Uncovering Qatar’s Past

    The first book of its kind to be published for a general readership from youngsters upwards, Hidden in the Sands: Uncovering Qatar’s Past is the fascinating, fun and educational story of Qatar’s heritage and the exciting discoveries being made by archaeologists.

    This informative and delightful book is published through the generosity of Maersk Oil as part of its programme to support education and unlock Qatar’s history and heritage.

    Hidden In The Sands: Uncovering Qatar’s Past
  • ASIL:
    Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse

    With Asil: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse, Tariq Dajani presents a series of beautifully observed and mastered photographs. These poetic portraits contain an elusive quality that draws the eye in, as he attempts to penetrate further into the nature and personalities of his subjects…

    ASIL:<br />Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse
  • SeaBEAN (Book 1 of The SeaBEAN Trilogy)

    Book one of the SeaBEAN Trilogy begins with 11 year old Alice finding a mysterious black box on the beach which she discovers is called a C-Bean. Together with her five schoolmates – the only children on the newly re-inhabited remote island of St Kilda – they soon realise it has extraordinary powers and can transport them anywhere in the world.

    This intriguing trilogy will enthral 8-12 year olds with its tales of adventure, travel and heroism with an environmental twist.

    SeaBEAN (Book 1 of The SeaBEAN Trilogy)
  • Wings Over Arabia

    On 2 June 2006, a team of three gliders, one chase plane, support crew and all-terrain vehicles gathered at a fiercely hot and dusty airfield 50 kilometres outside Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. The pilots, two Saudi princes and the British ex-Special Forces officer who had trained them, were about to make gliding history…

    Wings Over Arabia





SeaWAR: Book 2 of The SeaBEAN Trilogy - £9.95 Thermochromic Paperback

Attacked by an enemy submarine, imprisoned with a madwoman, summoned to rescue a dying pilot and fired at by government agents, 11-year-old Alice, together with her parrot, her dog and her new wartime companions, embarks on a journey through time in the C-Bean, uncovering dark secrets from St Kilda’s past and safeguarding the future before it’s too late.

The mysterious black C-Bean is a remarkable device which, as Alice and her classmates discovered in SeaBEAN (Book 1), knows just about everything and can take them anywhere in the world.

But now it’s broken and stranded on the rocks on the remote Scottish island of St Kilda. When Karla Ingermann, the C-Bean’s designer, turns up from Germany to try to fix it, they perform a factory reset, which accidentally sends it back in time, and Alice’s world is thrown into disarray.